About Us

Dancin’ Hills truly is an "Our Story". The name is even a combination of ours; Danny and Cindi, and set in the dancing foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is a bona fide story of "city girl meets country boy"... My husband has taught me "the finer things in life", such as 4-wheeling, camping, hunting, the un-glamorous side of raising animals and a garden (Dang! There's a LOT of blood, sweat and tears involved!), and the eventual peace of a job well done. 


We scrounged up our pennies and bought 135 acres of a rough piece of ground. From that moment on, we started to create. Dancin' Hills has been a place of learning and discovery. Whether it be finding a new path left by the deer, learning to drive a tractor, putting firewood in the outdoor wood stove, growing food/canning it/eating it, and sharing grand stories around the fire pit (made by my sons as we cleared this hilltop)...It's all about creating the very best of memories for all. 


This house we have built has been home to more than our own family. This piece of land we have loved has a peace that transcends time, and calls you back to a time away from the "world". We invite you to join us, share with us, and create your own memories. 

Cindi Henshaw
 Co-Owner & Director of Hospitality